The "G~B&CC" is a large modular Z scale model train layout created by "Mister Dave", aka David L. George, of Spring, Texas, and has appeared at shows from coast to coast.


Model Train Shows

N.M.R.A. annual convention and National Train Show.
Detroit, Michigan - July 27, 28, 29, 2007


CIA Mfg. Co.


This is a top secret, seaside, manufacturing facility near Zeopolis, New England, and adjacent to a Great Eastern Railway Co. (a "G~B&CC" subsidiary) car float loading operation.

High Security at CIA Mfg. Co.


Deliveries to CIA Mfg. Co. must be cleared first by the guard at the locked, chainlink, gate.

No EPA Worries at CIA Mfg. Co.


Nasty chemicals in,,, nasty chemicals out.

Lighthouse Point


The old Brahmans of Zeopolis, at Lighthouse Point, have had their collective noses twinked considerably by the spectral owners of CIA Mfg. Co.

Fiesta Beach


Fiesta Beach can be accessed by road or by local train service. The steps down from the trainstop are long, but the destination is a big reward.

Fiesta Beach Road


Fiesta Beach Road winds past new home and condo construction on the way to the beach.

Helicopter View of Zeopolis City, Seacoast and Industry


The scope of this charming New England City and environs are apparent as we enjoy our guided tour by CIA Black Helicoptours.

About Me

Born in the Anthracite coal country of Pennsylvania in the town of Plymouth, situated in The Wyoming Valley .I claim allegiance to both Penn State and to the University of Nebraska. Married to Judith Ann from Pittston since 1963. We had four children who all live in Colorado ( My most favorite state )with our four grandchildren. I had a 37 year career with Pennzoil Co. and retired as Sr. V. P. of Sales.